Teak Maintenance

Teakwood is one of the most durable and functional types of wood out there. People use teak for furniture, decks, boats and flooring, but it's outdoor use is possibly what it is most coveted for. The wood is a bit hard to come by as it only grows near the equator in certain climates. This fact hasn't stopped teak from becoming one of the most possible types of wood for outdoor furniture and decks. Teak is a durable wood, in fact, you could leave your teak patio furniture out with no maintenance and it would last years. This is great if you are interested in durable furniture without needing to work, however if you want to keep your teak looking new and have it retain it's natural color, then some work will be needed. Teak is unique in that it is affected by the sun's UV rays in an adverse way. The wood turns a silver grey color if left in the sun without care, and some people may actually prefer this over the teak's natural color. If you do want to maintain the natural look, then you will need to learn how to clean teak and take care of it. Cleaning patio furniture made of teak is the same as cleaning anything else made of the wood. While some light pressure hose water can give you a basic cleansing, you will need to use dedicated teak cleaners to really do it right. Mildew and mold can buildup on on the wood, however if you use special cleaners you will halt the buildup of this mold and keep it's spores from taking root. Cleaners come in one and two part varieties, with one part cleaners being the safer choice, but also requiring more work. One part cleaners require you to scrub the cleaner in for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse and apply bronze wool to the wood. Two part cleaners only require you to apply the first part (a low grade acid) and then apply a neutralizer. This is easier and faster, but the acid can eat the finish and wood. Don't use household bleach, as it is a harsh chemical and doesn't even kill the spores that threaten the furniture in the first place. Pressure washer just blast the wood, and also don't kill the bacteria. Teak deck maintenance is much the same, however a hose will help more than on furniture. Teak finishing is also important to keep your outdoor furniture from greying, so apply it as directed on the bottle. Keeping your teak clean and new looking takes a bit of work, but results in some beautiful wood for your backyard or living room.

Cleaning Teak Floors

Teak is one of the most durable woods on the market, and as such it is highly sought after for decks, flooring, and furniture. Teak grows near the equator, and only in tropical areas with contrasting wet/dry seasons.


Cleaning Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is some of the most durable and long lasting furniture that you can get. Teak wood is used in flooring, on boats, as decking and in furniture.


Teak Cleaning Tips

Cleaning teak can be simple and easy, however you need to realize that teak you need to use certain cleaners and solutions.


Teak Cleaning

If you have an item in your home, be it furniture, flooring, or something else, made of teakwood, you probably already know some of this wood's characteristics. Teak is one of the most sought after woods in the world; this is because it is extremely durable, both in use and in manufacturing.