Cleaning Teak Floors

Teak is one of the most durable woods on the market, and as such it is highly sought after for decks, flooring, and furniture. Teak grows near the equator, and only in tropical areas with contrasting wet/dry seasons. As such, it has become a somewhat rare wood, which makes maintaining it all the more important. If you have teak floors then you know that it is some of the most durable, and beautiful flooring you could ask for. As part of regular teak maintenance, you should make a point of cleaning teak floors often. For basic cleaning, you can use simple mopping techniques that are common to all kinds of wood and flooring. However, you should use dedicated teak cleaners every so often if you really want to keep your teak floors looking their best. Cleaning teak flooring with a special cleaner is usually as simple as mopping, however instead of soap and water you will use this special cleaner. It is a good idea to go back over the wood with some water to clean off any cleaner residue. Polishing teak can help you to get back some of the wood's natural color, however it is not entirely necessary to the life of your teak, it is simply cosmetic. When vacuuming teak floors, cylinder vacuums tend to do the best job. Avoid wearing heavy or pointed footwear on the floor. This includes things like high heels, cleats and heavy work boots. Finally, try to use furniture pads under the legs of furniture on the floor, and pick up items rather than slide them.When it comes to teak deck maintenance, it is a good idea to clean the deck with teak cleaners regularly, however rinsing gently with a hose also will help you extend the life of your deck. When cleaning a teak deck, you can use a one part cleaner, which is ultimately a better idea, or a quicker, easier, two part cleaner. Two part cleaners are applied one part at a time, with an acid going on first, to initially clean the wood, and a second part, which is a neutralizer, that removes most of the acid. This treatment can be harsh, however it is faster than using a one part cleaner, as one part cleaners require more active scrubbing and mopping. Other basic teak care includes placing mats in front of doors to catch dirt and grime, using a humidifier in the winter to maintain moisture levels in the wood and cleaning up spills as quickly as possible to prevent staining. However you cut it, it's important to maintain your flooring if you want to get the most out of it, luckily teak is one of the toughest and most durable woods you can get.

Teak Cleaning

If you have an item in your home, be it furniture, flooring, or something else, made of teakwood, you probably already know some of this wood's characteristics. Teak is one of the most sought after woods in the world; this is because it is extremely durable, both in use and in manufacturing.


Cleaning Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is some of the most durable and long lasting furniture that you can get. Teak wood is used in flooring, on boats, as decking and in furniture.


Teak Cleaning Tips

Cleaning teak can be simple and easy, however you need to realize that teak you need to use certain cleaners and solutions.


Teak Maintenance

Teakwood is one of the most durable and functional types of wood out there. People use teak for furniture, decks, boats and flooring, but it's outdoor use is possibly what it is most coveted for.